Marvelous Men Cardmaking Kit Unboxing

Marvelous Men Cardmaking 1

White Rose Crafts is doing something really awesome today…they are releasing a new stand alone Crafting Kit designed specifically with masculine cards in mind.  It is the one thing we hear crafters say over and over again…masculine cards are hard.  So they have designed a kit to take out some of the challenge!

The new “Marvelous Men Cardmaking Kit” is a stand alone kit, so if you are a subscriber to the WRC Subscription Kits you will not be automatically receiving this one!  However, the kit went live in the shop and is available for purchase right now!

Want to see what’s inside the kit…watch the video below.  Want to watch the video in HD, click here.


Men Kit 2Like other kits at WRC, I will be creating a series of Five Fast cards where I share quick and easy to craft cards you can make using the products inside the kit over the next few weeks.  So stay tuned for all the fun things you can create with the kit.

Men Kit 3But remember this is a limited edition kit, and when it sells out, it will be sold out for good.  I know there were a lot of people who missed out on the “Barista Blend” Coffee themed kit because it sold out so fast, so do not miss out on your opportunity for this kit.

Men Kit 4Until then, Happy Crafting.



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