Casual Art for Ordinary People

Baby JeremyHello, random reader, I’m EK, I have always loved art, even from my earliest memories.  But art was always that unreachable thing for master artist to create, not the likes of me.  I was a no one only allowed to stand on the sidelines and view.

But I was always frustrated with the fact that art that was considered ‘great’ and ‘worthy’ was also stuffy and hard to understand.  Collecting art was expensive, and what I wanted was so far out of my reach it could never be considered.  And the stuff mass produced wasn’t what I really wanted to hang on my walls.  I wanted original art, but I wanted my style and my opinions expressed.

So in a leap of frustration, I grabbed a pen, a brush, and a bucket of paint and leaped into the world of art completely untrained and blindly.  And I loved it.

Whether I am any good is only an opinion.  I know nothing I paint is fine art, and I’m fine with that.  And yes, I’m aware nothing I paint will ever hang in some gallery.  But I like it.  It is casual, and frankly it is for anyone, not just the elite.

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