Frequently Irreverent

49192845_10155684111832407_1148577905396154368_oHave you joined the Creepy Cute Chronicles Monthly Exclusive Subscription yet?  It is just $15 for an entire year.  You not only get the weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox each week, but a monthly exclusive creepy cute chronicles digi and instant & unlimited access to the complete Creepy Cute Chronicles image library.

ek gorman, oddball art jan-19 ccc aMy project today features this January’s premium digital stamp, which really is a twofer, since these adorable digis can be separated or used together.

I created a video sharing how I colored up this stamps and assembled the card.  To watch the video in HD, click here.


ek gorman, oddball art jan-19 ccc bThe really funny thing about this card for me, is when I finished it (literally weeks ago), I did not like it.  But now…it has strangely grown on me.  There is just something about the whole thing that works…maybe it is just the sticker sentiment that does it for me, since I too am frequently irreverent.

Make sure to pop over to the Oddball Store today and check out all the benefits of becoming a subscriber.  Need a new digital stamp like right now…well feel free to use my code DTEK10 to get 10% off your next purchase!

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