Justice is Served: Part II

I am back today sharing the second part of my 10 cards 1 kit collection using the Kindred Stamps Justice is Served Kit.

It is funny, when I originally filmed all of this…all 10 were suppose to be in the same video, and then technology failed me.  Some where in the series of video clips, I had something that corroded the video.  So I scraped the first 30 minutes film, and rebuilt it.  Then when I went to publish it…there was something corroded in there.  I had delete the whole thing again and rebuilt it with the first half only knowing the problem was somewhere in the second half, but not exactly where.  This morning I took on final stab at the second half of the series, thinking I might know where the corruption was.

So what am I actually ranting about…I am saying that I was never certain that I would get this second half live…so when it fully loaded this morning, I was not only relieved, but excited to share with you what I have been working on.  My favorite two cards from the 10 card series are actually from this second half.  So please, please, please enjoy what my have never been.

For a closer look at the five cards peek here.

EK Gorman, Kindred Stamps bCard Six features both an image and a sentiment from the stamp set and three of the printed papers.

EK Gorman, Kindred Stamps cCard Seven features both a stamped image and sentiment from the stamp set, two of the papers and a few of the sequins.

EK Gorman, Kindred Stamps eCard Eight (and my favorite card from the series) features two of the smaller stamps from the stamp set, one of the stamped sentiments and one of the printed papers.

EK Gorman, Kindred Stamps aCard Nine features the washi tape, two of the printed papers, and one of the stamped images from the kit.

EK Gorman, Kindred Stamps dCard Ten features the embossing folder, one of the printed papers, and one of the sentiments from the stamp set.

Thanks for peeking in today at this second half of the collection.  Let me know in the comments below which of the five cards featured here are your favorite!  Until then, happy crafting.

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