Mixed Media Monday #5 (just 6 days late)

Agh!!!!! I am so trying to catch up on my life at the moment….well that’s not true…I took the week to actually catch up on my real life, it is just this one, the one that lives filled with color and paint, cards and paper that has been left wanting.  So here I am on Sunday trying to fill in for the absence this week of my art journaling post.  What really gets me is the work has been done, just not the writing…oh well, we will just keep marching on.

And without further ado…the art.

I am not going to lie, as I sit right I am suppose to have wrapped the #artmarks30daychallenge, however, I like eight days behind.  We all are just going to deal with it, and I will wrap up the missing day hopefully this week.  I do have couple from this week to share, and I do hope you enjoy them.

Day 17  Reverse                  Day 18 Circular              Day 19 Hashed

Day 20 Suspended          Day 21 Bold                         Day22 Reflective

Day 23 Simple     Day 24 Primary (I swear I only used blue, red and yellow here)

ek-gorman-10min5I am continuing with my weekly 10 minute Art Journal page.  I don’t think I have mentioned before that I am working on a Dylussions 8.25 x 11 inch journal, so I working on a pretty big space.  When I did this page, I won’t lie, somewhere about a minute into my time, my mom called, and while I talked to her for the next fifteen minutes, I continued with the page…so this week we will call this the 16 minute page.

This week the prompt of Journal 52 was ‘Anticipate’ and there frankly only been a handful of things I have been waiting on baited breath for…but one of the biggest is the Live action Beauty and the Beast.  Don’t ask, but I am so excited to see this one.  So here is my version of Anticipate.ek-gorman-j525

This week’s prompt from Colour Me Positive was a little bit difficult for me…not because I don’t like it, but I just had no idea where to go with it.  The quote this week said “I’m not fat.  God gave me airbags because I am precious.”  So this is a pretty loose interpretation this week.  I just sort of created an abstract sea of people, trying to make all the shapes look different.ek-gorman-cmp5

The letter for the week over at #52cafecard is E, so we are focusing on Eclipse…not crazyek-gorman-52cc-5 how this one turned out…I finding working this small to be a real challenge.  Not going to give up on it, but really do struggle with it (which means it is probably good for me in the end).

Okay, that’s it for today…I am off to continue catching up.

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