Nuvo Creative Pens

Did you catch my Facebook LIVE last night with White Rose Crafts? If you missed the hour of listening to me ramble techniques about Nuvo Creative Pens, you can catch up either on my Youtube account where the live has been loaded, or over on White Rose Crafts Facebook page.

During the live, I told everyone that I would post my sample cheat sheets today so anyone who wanted to see my notes could easily digest them. So the following four graphics are my personal cheat sheets with my collection of Nuvo markers.

The above image is all 21 of the blending groups of Nuvo markers that I own. Currently, White Rose Crafts sells 20 out of the 21. The only blending group WRC does not have is the cookies and cream trio.

This image is of my numeric cheat sheet, showing all the colors in (almost) numeric order. I like to see that the rising numbers do not necessarily mean that the color is darker. I also think of the markers by their number instead of their name.

This chart is my comparison chart with my copic markers, showing how close each of the nuvo is to the copic, and yes I do use the markers interchangeably.

Finally, here is my list of custom blends that I really like using the nuvos. These markers do not come together, but still blend beautifully away from their natural pair.

Let me know in the comments below which blending group you would want to play with most. Until then, happy crafting.

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