A Life Documented

Do back in 2015 when I started creating with paper and pen, I feel into a group call Documented Life Project where there were weekly prompts to help you keep art journaling. In many ways this group is what cultivated much of what I do today. On in the past years I have not been art journaling as much as I use to, and frankly, I miss it. So I went back to my roots and pulled up the spin off of the original group Documented Life and dipped my toes back into the journals of art.

I have been doing this since January, but have had a little difficulty sharing this, but I think it is important, to help express myself. So here goes. Here are the first three weeks of a life documented.


Week one had a prompt stating “New Year, New Mindset” encouraging us to use old scraps of fabric, paper string, ribbon and to pick a quote to use. I don’t actually keep scraps. I know I should, but they don’t ever get used and instead just pile up. So in stead of pulling old scraps, I pulled a crafting supply that I really have never used and is collecting dust.

Step One: I tore up and adhered Tim Holtz Aviary Collage Paper inside my art journal using Matte Medium.

Step Two: Using acrylic paint, I added color randomly to the page. Then using a basic stencil, I added Golden Heavy Gel Medium to the page.

Step Three: Using white Gesso, I blended the color into the background.

Step Four: Using a Stabilo water soluble pencil, I sketched out a little mouse.

Step Five: I added more White Gesso to the mouse, and a little peach acrylic paint.

Step Six: Once Again, I pulled out my Black Stabilo pencil and sketched back in the lines of the mouse. I added a touch of red with my Red Stabilo pencil to the eyes and the nose.

Step Seven: Finally, I added a quote to help me focus on what is important with a black pen.

I will be honest. I feel really rusty, but also happy with how things turned out, and I love the little mouse.


Week two’s prompt was to use ‘only black and white to create a simply page’ with the quote “Colour is everything, black and white is more. -Dominic Rouse”

Step One: Tear and adhere Tim Holtz’s Melange Tissue Wrap to the art journal using Matte Medium.

Step Two: Color Black Soot and Picket Fence Distress Crayon over the journal and blend out with water.

Step Three: Using black water proof ink, stamp Dylussion leaves over the journal.

Step Four: Using a second leaf stamp, add more background stamping.

Step Five: Using watered down white gesso, color in the leaves.

Step Six: Add more background stamping. I used both a Dylussions alphabet stamp in white ink and a Dylussions dot stamp in dark gray.

Step Seven: Using my Black Stabilo pencil, I added depth to the butterfly tissue wrap.

Step Eight: I went back and added more watered down white gesso to the bottom leaves.

Step Nine: Using white gesso, I made dash marks around the page.

Step Ten: I splattered the whole journal page with black spray ink.

Step Eleven: Finally, I added the quote under the butterfly and detailed the butterfly with my White Stabilo pencil.

In no way or shape is this page simple, but I really like how it came out.

I think despite it’s limited color palette, it invokes lots of expression.

Let me know in the comments below which of the two layouts is your favorite. Until then, happy crafting.


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