Ice Cream Bright

I know, I know, I know…Doodles Paper Playground just released a massive new collection of Sparkle Blends and here I am posting about an old already seen blend…ugh..

Well I just wanted to remind you that while you are shopping all the great newly released blends, don’t forget to look at some of the old ones, simply, because when a blend is gone…it is gone forever. That’s right. When a blend is gone, it is gone forever.

Each Sparkle Blend mix is hand mixed before packaging. So literally there is only one batch each time a new blend is created. So I can’t stress enough, don’t miss out on your favorite blends. When they are gone, they are gone.

Today I am want to being your attention back to a blend released two months ago. I am playing around with the I Love the 80s Sparkle Blend, and I just don’t think many people noticed how versatile this blend really is. Not only do the colors have a great throw back to a decade not long forgotten, but it also looks like a child’s ice cream fantasy.

So that is exactly what I decided to do with the blend today. I decided to pile it onto a giant bowl of ice cream. I pulled out a Concord & 9th stamp set, and stamped it onto an A2 card frame. Then using my colored pencils (which is why I could stamp and color straight onto the card frame), I colored in the image, making it look like the best sundae combination ever, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

I then pulled out a bunch of ‘sprinkles’ and sequins to adhere onto the card frame. This collection of sequins form the blend were going to be my inspiration for coloring the bowl. I colored the bowl with my colored pencils and added the blend to the whole card.

I just love how bright and bold the colors of this blend are! I adore how with the right stamp the I Love the 80s blend can used with any kind of celebration stamp set!

Don’t forget to check out the entire new release as you go shopping for oldies but goodies. There are several blends that only have one or two left before they are gone forever! Pop over today and check things out. Until then, Happy Crafting!

If you want to save a little while shopping feel free to use the code EKGORMAN10 to save 10%.

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