The End of Summer

bannerThere is still plenty of time to play with the currently Monthly Challenge over at Oddball Art!  This month’s optional theme is Sweet Lemon Sour, so a really fun open theme to get involved and maybe even walk away with a prize from Oddball Art!

EK Gorman, Oddball Art Challenge Reminder aToday I am playing around with not only IMG 505 Creepy Cute Coconut but also the August exclusive stamp set for the Creepy Cute Chronicles premium subscription.

If you are not yet aware of the Premium Membership, it is a yearly subscription that not only gets you each month’s premium digital image, but also instant access to all of the Creepy Cute Chronicles digital images.  Just so you know as of publication, there is 65 different images and on Friday, there will be one more!

EK Gorman, Oddball Art Challenge Reminder bI don’t know about you, but the end of summer vacation, and well, frankly summer itself is quickly rushing up towards us.  And like a really good glass a Lemonade, I find it both sweet and sour.  The heat will soon be done, and the beauty of fall is on the horizon, and yet at the same time, the kiddos are back in school and the hectic race of that life making things just a little sour.  You might find it funny, but I actually like having the kids home on break, and each time a new school year starts, I get a little sad because of how fast they are growing.

So my project today is to sort of reflect those feelings I am having about the end of summer: the ice is melting, and the cocktail is gone.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art Challenge Reminder cI colored up my project with my copics and kept the card a single layered project.  I wrote in ‘the end of summer’ with my pen just so we don’t think the card is too depressing.

I can’t wait to see how you play along with this fun Oddball Art theme.  Struggling with the theme,  well, go ahead and submit a project anyway.  The theme is always optional, so you totally should get involved.  Until then, happy crafting.

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