Pink Lemonade

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Pink Lemonade aSo I spent the day with my family at our little city’s local fair.  You know the kind with only fried food, questionable carny rides and fresh squeezed lemonade.  The kicker, however, was one of my girls was annoyed that our only lemonade option was the yellow kind.  Apparently the only acceptable flavor of lemonade is pink…so I made her her own glass when we got home!

IMG_5962I started by die cutting out all the pieces I needed using the Summer Drink die set and some 90lb White Soft Finish Cardstock.  The only problem I really have with this set, is you can’t see the straw when you put it in the mug, and to me, it looks funny and unrealistic when you lay it on top of jar.  So I wanted to try something today, and see if I could sketch in the straw and get a realistic look.  I colored the straw stripes and then adhered it to the back of the mug.

IMG_5963I then sketched in the straw on the front of the mug and colored it so it lined up with the real straw.  I think it almost looks seamless.

IMG_5964I then filled the glass with some pink lemonade using a collection of pink copic markers.  I like how the pencil lines on the straw distort a little with the coloring.  I also colored up a lemon and used some Kid’s choice glue to adhere it together.

IMG_5965Since summer is on the horizon, I added a little pink umbrella to the glass just for my girl, who I figured would get a kick out of it.

IMG_5966Using Kids Choice Glue, I adhered all the pieces together to make the perfect glass of pink lemonade.

IMG_5970I pulled out some Spring Green Soft Finish Cardstock, trimmed it to 12×6 inched and scored and folded it to make a 6×6 card frame.  Then using some emerald green brusho watercolor powder, I sprinkled and activated a bit onto the card frame.

IMG_5971I thought the card needed a little more visual interest, but didn’t want to add any bulk to the card, so I tried something.  I pulled out the largest die from the Stitched Hexagons die set and traced it onto the center of it.

IMG_5972Then using some copic markers, I added a little depth around the hexagon, giving it a 3D effect without any of the bulk.

IMG_5974Using the label from the Summer drink die set, I stamped a sentiment onto it from the Beach Sentiments stamp set.  I also colored up a half lemon wedge and a heart and adhered it all to the card frame.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Pink Lemonade bI love how much depth this card has despite being actually really flat.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Pink Lemonade cAnd while my daughter would actual prefer an actual glass of pink lemonade, she said this one was a close second.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite summer time drink is.  Until then, happy crafting.

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