Darling, You are a Work of Art


So one of my favorite things to do these days despite the fact it actually takes quite a bit of time, is no line coloring.  You really have to nail your shadows when you do no line coloring, but for me, I find that I my coloring skills get stronger because of the technique.

So today I thought it would be fun to do a little no line coloring on video to show you how I go about creating this Oddball Art Studio card using IMG46 Lara the Lurker & Teddy.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art a

Want to see how I colored up this little beauty, then just click the link below.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art b

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I colored up Lara and her Bear.  Wanting some of your own digital images from Oddball Art, then use the code DTEK10 in the Oddball Art store to get 10% off your entire purchase!

EK Oddball Badge

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