20+ Ways to Card Make with Stencils


I am up on the CDD Blog today to share a ridiculously large number of ways to craft with the new Halloween Scene Stencil.

Ek Gorman CDD 9:21 1I was so excited when CDD released this stencil last month, having come to paper crafting from Mixed Media Art.  I am actually quite a stencil junkie.  But there I quickly learned that many card crafters are intimidated by stencils.

EK Gorman CDD 9:21 3So I thought it would be fun to compile a massive list of different ways to use a stencil when card crafting.  I will warn you, this list is not exhaustive.  There are so many other things you can use with stencils, and even as I type this, I am realizing all these really cool things I could add to the list.

EK Gorman CDD 9:21 2I also fully assembled ten different cards showing how to finish off the stenciled background using CDD’s new Zombody and Frightfully Sweet stamp sets.

EK Gorman CDD Critters

I whipped up a video showing all these different techniques.  It is a really long video, so I will list all the different techniques and when they happen below.

20+ Ways to Use a Stencil

Distress Inks: :40
Distress Oxides: 2:15
Ghosting Inks: 4:08
Ink Transfers: 5:38
Spray Inks: 6:58
Spray Ink Transfers: 7:50
Watercolors: 8:25
Watercolor Markers: 10:18
Watercolor Powders: 12:13
Paint: 13:18
Splatter Paint: 15:00
Paint Smudging: 17:30
Textured Paint: 18:37
Mica Powder: 21:16
Embossing Powder: 23:28
Acrylic Mediums/Molding Paste: 24:50
Mousse (metallic textured pastes): 26:23
Crackle Medium: 29:21
Embellishments: 31:18
Tracing: 32:38

Ek Gorman CDD1

I hope this gives you some new ideas of how to play with stencils!  Show us how you use the new Halloween Scene Stencil on CDD’s Facebook Gallery, using one of these ideas or a completely new one.  The Design team really wants to see how you are playing with this new line in the CDD collection!

EK CDD blk watermark 2

CDD Supplies:

Halloween Scene Stencil


Frightfully Sweet
Frightfully Sweet

Distress Oxides


  1. Really useful ideas here, thank you. I’ve been experimenting with more messy crafting recently, but haven’t yet tried anything other than simple background stencils.

    Do you have any tips for stencils which are flimsy and won’t stay put for ink blending? I’ve tried using low tack tape, but it doesn’t hold the bits in place

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    • I have always liked cutting my paper bigger than I need and using painters tape. There is a risk of tearing the paper a little, but that is why I cut the paper bigger. I tape both the top and bottom of the paper (even if it is just a tiny corner) and then I tape both the top and the bottom of the stencil. The I just use my non dominant hand to hold down the flimsy bits. Patience is the key when really detailed stencils.

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