Mixed Media Makeup #6 and #7

It hasn’t been neglect that has kept me from my Monday posts, it is time.  I just haven’t had the extra time lately…and it isn’t time for the art…it ironically has just been sitting down and doing the writing.  It always seems to be the writing that holds me back.

Actually that’s not true…it is sitting at the main computer that seems to be holding me back.  That is the computer that loads the pictures, but it tethers me to a weird spot on the house.  So I’ve loaded the pictures and now am sitting curled up with the cheap lap top, under a blanket, binge watching Gilmore Girls and sipping the last of my pumpkin spiced coffee, getting myself caught up.

I am still behind on the last week of the arts mark 30 day challenge.  Someday…someday I am going to finish that, cause, well I am!!!  (However, everything else I am caught up with, so without further ado.)

In week six of Colour Me Positive, the quote was “Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes ek-gorman-cmp5someone special to catch your heart.”  Needless to say this was the quote for the week of Valentine’s Day.  So in the spirit of a holiday I am not actually crazy about, I did a journal page in that vain.  I like the background and the texture the flowers and the gemstones made, but the focal image fell a little flat.

This week (week #7) the quote was “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”  For me, no other story of a slow moving journey is more inspiring that that of ek-gorman-cmp6Dorthy.  Dorthy on that yellow brick road, stumbling over obstacle after obstacle.  Even inside the poppy field, she keeps moving forward (sort of).  So I pulled out a bunch of gelatos, distress crayons, and prima crayons and started crafting a journey.  (Yes, I have all three, but seriously, they are all different colors).  To craft the yellow brick road, I grabbed a water pen and literally drew in the bricks by removing crayon.  I also grabbed a green water pen and hand drew in all the grass.  I don’t know if the hills or the mountain in the background work, but the foreground and brick road came out nicely.

We had two different words over at Journal 52 this week and last.  They were Dream for ek-gorman-j52-5week 6, and Dawn for week 7.  I was not at all crazy about the journal entry for week 6.  I know what I was trying to do, but I never did get it to work.  I wanted to show the recurring dream I have, where I climb this great mountain of blue and when I reach the top, I leap with reckless abandonment, and fly.  (Yes that is the super power I wish for…flight).  So the idea was there, but the execution failed.

On the other hand, the page I did for ek-gorman-j526week 7 I was actually pretty fond of.  I word dawn seemed really difficult to interpret until I remember one of my favorite quote…this isn’t exactly how it goes and I certainly can’t remember who said it, but it goes something like, ‘Even the darkest night is ended with the dawning of the light’.  The page probably ended up being much darker than I actually wanted, but wasn’t that the point.  I like the moth, a creature who is drawn to light.  I want to believe that all of use have the ability to chase the light, and with time each of us find our way out of the darkest night.

I am still doing my 10 minute art journal pages.  I find that they make me think less and do ek-gorman-10m-5more, and in some way make the process of my art so much better.  The first page, for week #6, I once again created another face/body.  I will admit that 10 minutes is not nearly enough time to make and paint a human, but I find working this fast makes my shadowing in real life better.  I am also trying to make a more whimsical person that I play with…so I am trying to find the look of my character…this is at least a start.

ek-gorman-10m-6Week seven I I really just went with it, and didn’t think much.  I pulled a bird stencil out and knew that was where I was going with this, but that’s it.   Really this is nothing but color added with a brayer, and a bunch of stencil work.  But I like it.  I like how it works.  Not bad for 10 minutes.

I am still struggling with working on an ATC, but I am continuing on with the #52cafecards trying to figure it out.  Week six card was the letter F, which this time around ek-gorman-52cc-fwas folk.  That was a particularly hard word.  I tried to come up with a folk art look but I’m pretty sure this feel short.

Week seven’s letter was G, and everyone really ek-gorman-52cc-gfound that they could sink their teeth into this one.  The word for G was gears, and apparently we all have a little steam punk in us.  I stenciled on some gears and then added significantly more gears to it.  I love this.  I also live the sentiment on this one.

Okay, that’s it for today.  I am going to get my Monday’s back on schedule.  Hope you enjoyed my make-up day!!!

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