Craftin Desert Diva Valentine

Hey, I’m back to share an ‘over’ designed Valentine’s card with you using a Craftin Desert Diva digital stamp.

This time around I used an oldie, but a goodie, Bee Mine Digital Stamp.  This is such a cute ek-gorman-2-8-1little guy, holding his valentine heart.

I made the digi fairly large on my computer and printed out the digital iek-gorman-2-8-2mage.  I took it back to my desk, and started coloring in the bee, keeping my coloring pretty simple.  I used Y32, Y35, and Y38 for the bee’s face, legs and chest (not pictured here cause I do it a little later in the coloring process) and the sentiment on the heart.  I used C5, C7, and 100 for the antennas, head, body, nose (again done later cause I for a ek-gorman-2-8-4bit thought about making it red) and hands.  For the hearts I used R46, R39 and R89 hoping to make the reds ek-gorman-2-8-5really really dark and bold.  The wings I wanted to be really really pale so I used Y21, Y23, Y28 and lots of colorless blender over the whole things.  For the ground (not pictured) I used N0, N2, and N4.

Now here is where I really started over designing this card.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make the little bee look like he was inside his bee hive.  The problem was I wasn’t really certain how to do that.  Finally, I realized I have several stencils with great hexagon shapes on it.  Iek-gorman-2-8-7 pulled out a Tim Holtz distressed hexagon stencil and taped it down over my digital image.  Using a pencils, I lightly traced around the stencil, leaving all the beautiful ek-gorman-2-8-8distressed curves in the design.  I really felt perfect hexagons would not look like real honeycomb.  I gently pulled up the tape and stencil.  I grabbed a copic friendly pen and started loosely drawing over my pencil marks.  For a brief moment, I really thought about leaving the design just like this.  There was something really wonderful about the colored bee with the ek-gorman-2-8-9black and white background.  However, I did press on with the color.  I grabbed my YR31, YR24, and YR27 copic markers and started filling in the honey combs.  On the right side of the card I shadowed the right side, on the left, shadowed the left and in the middle, added the shadow (yes you guessed it) in the middle.  I was trying to make the honeycomb look rounded.  Not sure I ended up with that look, but I do love how it come out in the end.

So if you look closely at the honeycomb image, you will see all the different places with the color leaked out of the ek-gorman-2-8-10lines.  To fix that I pulled out my white gelly roll pen and gently dabbed it over the leaked color.  Made the mistakes disappear and seem almost perfect.  I also added white pen to the bee’s nose, antenna hearts, highlight on the big heart, letters and wings.  I trimmed up the image on both sides removing a lot of the left over white.  I backed with some black card stock.  I then added some kraft card stock behind that.  Finally, I added everything to a white A2 card.

I usually try not to pick favorites, but in this case I’m going to be honest and admit this is hands down one of my favorite designs. I just love how that back ground turned out, even if I did over design it.


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