Mixed Media Monday #2

So it is the start of a new week…(my weeks starts, yes, on Monday and end on Sunday…I’m just weird like that).  I’m here to drop a few pictures of Art going on inside my journals…

Up first is the weekly Journal Prompt from Colour Me Positive.  This week the prompt quote is “Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it”.  After ek-gorman-cmp2-1last weeks ugly face, I knew where the discipline theme was going to go.

Here is the absolutely beautiful mess my ’empty’ next page in my journal looked like.  Wasn’t going to have to do much to make this under ek-gorman-cmp2-2painting where I wanted it.

Now for the ‘discipline’ part of the prompt…I want to be a better artist…mainly, better at drawing…I want it to come easier…I want it to take less to get more…so I draw daily in a sketch book.  No you will not get to see inside that…that is ek-gorman-cmp2-3mine.  But I do draw everyday even if I don’t want to, for at least five minutes.  That daily drawing works.  And once a week, I force myself to draw a detailed face…and after last weeks train wreak of a face, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do better, that the work I do daily wasn’t for not.  So I pulled out some charcoal (my favorite drawing tool) and ek-gorman-cmp2-4sketched out a face, taking my time.  Much better results.

I added a base paint, trying to mute the under paint, and then ek-gorman-cmp2started adding color.  I went with non traditional colors but loved the effect that it had in the end.  I added a few sentiment stickers, much happier this week with my finished
product.  (Not crazy about how the hair came out, but that was mainly because I didn’t take the time to make it what it should have been.)

I took a much simpler approach to my 10 minuteek-gorman-10m-w2-1 journal page this week, hoping that the whole thing didn’t end up creepy like last week.  I pulled a basic piece of ephemera and went from their in pulling out the supplies.

ek-gorman-10m-w2I went with a night scene on this project and really love how this came out…I wish I had used a darker color to create the constellations, but alas, then minutes is ten minutes.  There is no time to correct that kind of mistake.

Started to do a 52 week playing card art challenge with the same people I do the 10 minute journal page.  We started late, and all of us are in catch up mode.  We are going in ek-gorman-52cc-w1Alphabetical prompt order, week one being Art.  I didn’t take that prompt literal, and instead tried to do something artsy.  I have never worked on playing cards before, so it is going to take me some time to get this down.  (And Yes, I punched holes in the cards, because I am ek-gorman-52cc-w2putting them on a ring.)

Week two is ‘bubbles’ and I took this one much more literal.  I added the duck stickers, and thought the whole thing ended up fun in the end.

Started working this week with a journal group called Journal52.  Week one theme (yes I had to ek-gorman-j52-1-1catch up) was Portal, or the notion to send 2016 away through one.  I went with something a little different, but liked the whole thing.  I ek-gorman-j52-w1went to bed thinking it was done, woke up the next morning and realized it needed more.

I wrote on the page “For the fear of the possibilites kept me small, giving me the chance to still exit…an option I never should (have) considered.”ek-gorman-amd1

Finally, yesterday was the first day of Rae Missigman‘s Art Marks 30 day challenge.  Day ek-gorman-am-book1 prompt, Petals.  Here is the envelope journal I made for this challenge.


Okay…that is it for today…hope you liked the peak into my journals.

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