A bit of what is on my desk…

***So I thought I scheduled this to post for Thursday Night…apparently I can’t read a calendar, so here it is…a little later than I intended…but alas here it is.***

I have been getting a bit of nagging from people who like me to see more pics of what I’m working on.  I almost always have a canvas up on my easel that I am working on and most likely something small I am playing with on my desk.  I don’t share this stuff much because, well, I usually don’t think it is worth sharing.  But my friends apparently think it is.  So here I go…sticking to my new years resolution to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I figured Thursdays would be a really good day to do this…so if you could care less (which I assume you don’t care), feel free to skip my Thursday posts.

Ironically, there isn’t anything on my easel right now.  I made sure that when the year ek-gorman-mixed-media-wineended last year, that most of my big projects were wrapped up, or wiped clean.  So here I am writing up a post that doesn’t have much to share.

I have an idea of a big project that I am playing around with, playing around with a small 6×9 panel board.  The idea isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but I am starting to come to some decisions with how to play.  Anyway, here is the first of what will be probably a few small pieces before I even start to play with the big project.

I have another little project to share today.  I have been playing with a challenge once a month of the Ellen Hutson The Classroom.  It is ek-gorman-eh-miu1-17their monthly Mix It Up challenge where you can make a project (not just a card).  Somewhere along the line I made a point to stop doing this project in a card, and instead started doing small canvases.  This month, I decided on a 5X7 panel canvas.  The challenge mixes up this month Essentials by Ellen product and Avery Elle.

I pulled out the Essentials by Ellen stamp pack called Bohemian Garden and the Avery Elle
stamp pack Love Notes (which I think is retired, but I don’t stop using stamp packs just because they retire.)ek-gorman-eh-miu1-17-3

I pulled out some Dylusions paint pots and created a simple blended grass and sky scene.  I proceeded to stamp out the images with some black archival ink.

I then pulled out a thin paint brush and started that painting the stamped in images with different Dylusion paint colors.  I didn’t do anything special with shading, just adding color here and there.  I think the canvas came out rather pretty in the end.  Simple, but pretty.


That is it for now.  Hopefully next week something bigger will be up on my easel.


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