Baby New Year

Okay, I know what you all are saying…’EK, it’s the 10th of January, we are over all this New Year stuff’…well I’m not.  I keep writing 2016 on all my checks, so I am going to throw out one more New Years card in the vain hope that I might actually catch up to the fact it is 2017…(okay my problem may actually be that I still write checks in this world of online banking, but as my hubby would say, I am actually an 85 year old in a mid-30 year old body.)

I wish I could say I had all kinds of cool pictures of the process of coloring this little guy, but the truth is that I actually colored this in my car, from the passanger seat on a 20 hour drive from Texas to California.

No, it did not take me 20 hours to color it….Yes, I did make ugly mistakes when the car hit weird patches of pavement.  No, I don’t remember what colors I used when I colored him…Yes, I had to stop coloring what felt like ever eight seconds to hand my children a water, a cracker, a tissue, or some other thing to keep them from going stark raving mad.

The long and short of it is this… I used the Baby New Year digi stamp from Craftin Desert Divas.  Yes, I printed it out onto card stock before the drive began (you know someone out there was making a wise crack about how I printed out the stamp while I was in the car.)

After I got home from said long (expletive) drive, I die cut the digi with Fancy Frame Die, intensionally leaving the bottom of the card stock uncut (I knew from the beginning that I wanted to tie a bow around the card and I knew I didn’t want that scalloped edge down there).  After I die cute the card stock I realized that I just wasn’t crazy about how I colored the back ground (remember I did this in a car) so I pulled out a black pen and added all the little curly cues…I pulled out my white Gelly roll pen and added some of that around the curly cues again…I liked that better.  I added glitter with my stardust gelly roll pen in the eyes, the stars, and the red curly cues.  More glitter pen was added to the pop bang (is that what you all call them, or is it just me?).  I tied a bow around the base of the focal image, and adhered the card to some black card stock.  I then adhered it to a white A2 card stock base.


Thank you for baring with me as I try to hold on to the New Years celebration as long as possible.  (for those of you who don’t know me yet, this page was written dripping in a humorous sarcasm, not passive aggressiveness.)

I am also going to add this card to the Naughty or Nice Challenge, who is feature a New Year theme this year.

Hope you enjoy the card, and till next time, color something (just not in a moving vehicle…that was hard).


  1. Don’t feel bad, I’m still writing 2016 on all of my patients’ charts and keep getting corrected by our bookkeeper! I’m impressed with your coloring skills in a moving vehicle, well done!

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  2. Wow, that was a long drive!! You should come to Ireland, you could drive the length of the entire country in half that time 😉 Love your cute baby and the little curls look fab! Thanks for playing along at Naughty or Nice 🙂

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