Mixed Media Mondays #1

Okay, I am going to try something this year.  I am going to start sharing a bit more of my art journaling.  I usually keep it locked and hidden in my art journals, mostly because my art journal is where I really experiment with things.  However, this year, I have decided to make myself a little more uncomfortable and do more things that scare me…mainly putting myself out there.

So on Mondays I have decided to have a mixed media day here in my blog.  Hopefully I will have 52 of them at the end of the year.

ek-gorman-10min1preFirst of all I am following along with a couple other artist trying to accomplish a weekly ten minute journal page.  This is surprisingly stressful.  It is amazing how fast 10 minutes goes by when you put too much paint on it.  The other part is you have to actually do a few minutes of preplanning, not something I actually do when I work in my journal.  I pulled out some ephemera, a couple of buttons, some washi tape, and two colors of paint with stencils.  I will admit I did a little cheat before I started and went ahead and gessoed my page.  I didn’t wish to wait for that to dry and loss two ek-gorman-10min1minutes of my precious 10 minutes.

Here is the results of my ten minutes, and I promise you I used every last second of it.  I am not a fan of how messy it turned out.  I didn’t mean for the red paint to smear, but once one spot smeared, I just went with it.  Needless to say the red paint made the whole thing look a little creepy, so I am calling this page “Little Girl Gone”.

In addition to my 10 minute page, I play along with an art journaling group of Facebook called Colour Me Positive.  I may have been a little sneaky and used the last challenge of the year in ’16 for my first one this year and called it CMP 0.5.

ek-gorman-cmp-w-5It was a fun inspiration photo because it was so plain, with just the words “1 year=365 opportunities”.   I went with this weird purple streaky background and then started hand drawing in flowers with a water soluble crayon.  Some white acrylic paint and some more crayon gave those flowers their purplish appearance.  I added a bit of molding paste through a stencil and (badly) hand wrote on the sentiment.  I wish I had more pictures of the process of this one, I just hadn’t talked myself into the weekly post yet when I crafted it.

On the other hand, the official Week one prompt, I got many process shots.  The quote for this week read, “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge the way you respond to what’s happening.  That’s where your power is”.

Now Christmas this year brought me all kinds of new ephemera so I went searching for ek-gorman-cmp-w1-1something that had inspired me (a power quote or something)…. and I came up with squat, except this tiny little strip that read “important stuff”.  That little strip of ephemera just wasn’t going to be enough, so I went digging around my sentiment stamps, and finally pulled out a Riley and Company Funny Bones sentiment that I thought would work.  I also pulled out a few papers, and a couple of decorations that I had planned on using.

With that done, I opened to a new page in an old journal (I am going to continue in an old Dylusions 5×8 journal).  Now I have this problem where I tend to ek-gorman-cmp-w1-2rub off extra paint into my journals.  This was the mess that was waiting for me.  I honestly don’t even remember what I was painting that used these colors.  I started to turn the page and skip this mess…but I have this problem…I like to go in order of my book and I like to force myself to use what ever is waiting for me.  So I pulled out my gesso to at least mute this down (ignore the red 12x12s…they just protect what’s underneath).

With a ‘blank’ canvas I launched into the challenge.  I pulled out a bit of chalk (i try not to ek-gorman-cmp-w1-3draw in pencil…that eraser acts like nothing but a stop sign for me) and sketched out a really ugly face…I wasn’t aiming for ugly, it just came out that way.  I find faces, no matter how many I have practiced, to be one of those things that are just hard for me…so needless to say I do them all the time, I just do them badly.  I ek-gorman-cmp-w1-4grabbed some black chalk and darkened the bits of the sketch that were working for me.

I started blocking in the face with a bit of fluid grey acrylic paint and some distress paint (antique linen), adding in some, not many, but some shadows.  What I was really trying to do was mute out some more of that ek-gorman-cmp-w1-5under paint, at least in the areas of the face.   More paint got added to the hairline, lips, and the eyes got a bit more detail.  Needless to say the gal was starting to look depressed (antique white may not have been the best call for the skin tone).  I pulled out an old dylusions background stamp and started stamping flowers in some ek-gorman-cmp-w1-6pink archival ink everywhere….I do think that helped the piece look not so depressing.

I pulled out two stencils I had planned to use from the beginning and added a blue (nope I don’t remember which) Distress Ink through one of the stencils all around the face.  With the other ek-gorman-cmp-w1-7stencil, I added some molding paste.

With the ground work done, I pulled out the papers I have pulled before I started and started playing with their placement, till I found a way to hide the stuff I didn’t like in the underpainting…I mean found a place where I like them.  I glued down the papers, the flowers, and the…what do you call that thing…I guess button like object.  I pulled out the sentiment stamp I had based the whole thing around and stamped that out in some black ink.


Not in anyway my favorite art journal page of all time, but ‘that will do pig, that will do’ (don’t mind me, I just introduced my kids to the movie Babe, and now certain parts of it are stuck in my head.

So there is week one in the books.  Keep your fingers crossed that I mange the next 51 weeks.


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