Sequined Rainbow

Did you know that little girls like rainbows? I mean really like rainbows…and they don’t have to be so little to love them. Today I am finally placating my 12 year old daughter and creating this giant (and yes I mean 8×10 giant) rainbow on wood panel for my rainbow obsessed kiddo.

To create this giant rainbow, I pulled seven (plus one) packages of Sparkle Blends sequins from Doodle’s Paper Playground.

Now I will warn you, I tried to cut a corner on this project, so it didn’t turn out how I had hoped or planned, but my kid loves it and I thought it was still worth sharing despite my personal disappointment in it.

I started with an old already painted wood panel. This was painted up for another project that I just never got around to. But I really thought all of these blues and teals would make the perfect background for a rainbow.

Using a water soluble white pencil, I sketched a rainbow onto the panel.

Using some craft glue, I added the ‘violet layer’ using the Rosey Gold Sparkle Blend.

The ‘indigo’ layer got a layer of With A Bang Sparkle Blends.

For the ‘blue’ section, I added Baby Shark Sparkle Blends, and Oh Christmas Tree for the ‘green’ section.

I pulled out the Birthstone Collection Citrine Sparkle Blends for the ‘yellow’ row and Candy Corn for the ‘orange’.

Finally I adhered Ladybird Sparkle Blends for the ‘red’ row.

At the bottom of each rainbow I added a rainbow I sketched in a cloud using my water soluble pencil.

I filled the clouds with Gold Rush Sparkle Blends.

Here is where I messed my project up. Instead of using Golden Clear Tar to coat the sequins, a product that would have dried clear and shinny, I used some Liquitex Matte Medium. I used it all the time on art journals and mixed media projects and it always dries clear. However, I don’t used it this thickly, and come to find out when it is thick, it dries cloudy.

Despite the cloudiness, I still think there is something really special about this project. And more importantly, my rainbow loving 12 year old things it is perfect.

White the project may not be perfect, I hope it makes you think about using your sequins in unique ways.

Oh, and if you want to save 10% on your order feel free to use the code EKGORMAN10

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