Party Time!

IMG_9747Did you see that the 100th issue of Oddball Art’s Creepy Cute Chronicles is launching tonight?  That’s right, the 100th issue!  And celebrate this milestone, I am creating an extra special and large art project!  Today I have pulled out a full piece of 8.5×11 inches watercolor paper and combined this week’s Creepy Cute Chronicles’s free digital stamp and IMG443 Mermaid of the Stars and IMG434 Zombie Unicorn.  Because let’s be honest, what’s a party without a few of your closet friends!

IMG_9737I started by printing out the CCC100, IMG443 and IMG434 digital stamps out onto watercolor paper.

IMG_9738I then colored in each of the stamps with my Zig Real Brush water color pens.  I went vibrate with the Mermaid.

IMG_9739I stuck to a pretty traditional color palette for the ghost, focusing on pale grays.

IMG_9740For the Unicorn Zombie, I experiment with a pale purple and light gray to see if I could get an eerie feeling.  What do you think?  Was I close?

IMG_9741Finally, I went with bold and bright colors for the banners, because lets be frank….it’s a party.

IMG_9743I then added a layer of Distress Oxide in Frayed Burlap around the edges of the massive project.

IMG_9744I then added layers of paint over the ink to create a rust effect to lock in the digital images into the paper.

IMG_9746Finally I added several dollops of White Blizzard Nuvo drops around the project to add so sparkly (cause you know, it’s a party).

IMG_9748What do you think?  Is this a party you would want to attend?  Let me know in the comments below.

IMG_9749And make sure you pop over to the Oddball Art Instagram Page.  The party will be continuing over there to celebrate the 100th issue of Creepy Cute Chronicles.


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