What to do when You Run Out


It’s Friday night, so that means that there is a brand new Creepy Cute Chronicles from Oddball Art.  This week there is a super fun winter themed digital stamp for free in the newsletter.  See the cute spider web, that’s what you get free with the newsletter.  Want the rest of the images seen here, then join the yearly premium membership for just $15 a year.

Now, maybe you saw the title of this piece…and well frankly, that’s what’s happen today…I run out of everything.  I did not have any white printable cardstock…I did not have any black ink in my printer, and frankly, I did not have any time.

So check out what I did.  I printed the images in blue ink…and I printed it out on a medium grade gray cardstock.

IMG_8067I added some copic coloring and a little three dimensional paint and a touch of stamping.  I tried to make the card look fun, despite not having any of my normal crafting products.

IMG_8068What do you think?  Was I able to create a little something fun despite my restrictions?  Let me know in the comments below.  Until then, Happy Crafting.



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