A Glittery Peace on Earth

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs Suzanne Release aI am so excited because designer Suzanne Cannon has officially released the 2019 Christmas collection over at Elizabeth Craft Designs!  Woohoo!!!  Time to start crafting friends, because these way with words dies and stamps are simply perfect.

Today I am playing around with the new Peace on Earth die along with the new Flourished Holly die.  I thought I would glitter things up, just to celebrate how special I think these new dies are.

Below is a full pictorial tutorial on how to create this glittery holiday card.

IMG_7793Step One:  Adhere some Clear Double Sided Adhesive sheets to a piece of 90lb Soft Finish Cardstock.  Run the paper and Peace on Earth die through a die cutting machine.

IMG_7794I just love how intricate these sentiment dies are.

IMG_7795Step Two:  Peal off the adhesive and add some Copper Silk Microfine Glitter to the die cut.

IMG_7796Step Three:  Trim a piece of 110lb Soft Finish Cardstock to 4.25×11 and fold and score to create an A2 card frame.  Look how nice the die cut look with just some white cardstock under it.  We could have stopped here, but I really wanted a glitter over load.

IMG_7797Step Four:  Pull out three different sized of Clear Double Sided Adhesive tape to create the background.  I used 3mm, 6mm, and 10mm Clear Double Sided Adhesive.

IMG_7798Step Five:  Lay the tape onto the card frame in a pattern.

IMG_7799Here is what it looks like after I completed the whole card.

IMG_7800Step Six:  Trim the excess tape off the sides of the card frame using some scissors.

IMG_7801Step Seven:  Peel off every other piece of tape and add some Bright Cranberry Silk Microfine Glitter to the card frame.  Does anyone else want to create a candy cane theme card now with white and red glitter too?

IMG_7802Step Eight:  Peel off the rest of the tape and add some Leaf Green Silk Microfine Glitter to the card frame.

IMG_7803Step Nine:  Adhere the die cut onto the card frame.  Sadly…it seems there is just too much glitter and I needed to do something more to finish the card and help the die stand out.

IMG_7804Step Ten:  Die cut some holly leaves from the new Flourished Holly die set out of Forest Green Soft Finish Cardstock.  I also die cut the Peace on Earth die again, but this time in just some 90lb White Soft Finish Cardstock.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs Suzanne Release bStep Eleven:  Adhere the non-glittery die cuts to the card frame.  I think adding these simple die cuts did a really nice job finishing off the card.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs Suzanne Release d

Make sure you stayed tuned because I am going to be playing with this new release all week.  And let me know in the comments below, did I use too much glitter?  Until then, Happy Crafting.

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