Here for the Boos!

EK Gorman, Oddball CCC70 aIt’s Friday night, so that means it is time for a brand new Creepy Cute Chronicles over at Oddball Art.  Tonight I am using the premium membership version of this week’s free digital stamp.  The super sweet bird on the skull and sentiment are available for anyone for free, just by subscribing to the free weekly newsletter.  However, if you are a yearly member of Oddball Art, you get the bird on the skull, the sentiment and all three little birdos.

IMG_7477I thought it was be a really interesting to color this week’s image on some black cardstock with my colored pencils.  So I printed out the image, and here you can see that you can still see where the ink is.

IMG_7478I started with the sentiment, knowing that if I couldn’t get the ink to pop, there was no reason to continue with the rest of the card.  So I colored with white colored pencils around the words, creating what I think was a rather cool effect.

IMG_7479Then using a variety of colors, I colored in the sweet bird.  I will warn you, colors do no necessarily show up on black cardstock the same as it does on white, so make sure that you have a bit of scrap paper to test your colors on.

IMG_7481I’m not gonna lie, there was a period of time that I seriously considered leaving the card like this.  I just love how the white eyes pop, while sort of still seeing some of the ink under.

EK Gorman, Oddball CCC70 bHowever, you can see that I finished coloring in the rest of the images.  I just love how this one turned out.  I just love how the color pops.

EK Gorman, Oddball CCC70 cMake sure you sign up for your weekly Oddball newsletter if you have not done so yet.  And let me know in the comments below what your favorite cardstock to color on is?  Until then, happy crafting.

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