Creepy Cute Chronicles #42 with Oddball Art

EK Gorman, Oddball Art #42 bHey Oddballs!  Tonight there is a new Oddball Newsletter featuring this fun little digital stamp, CCC#42 Frank the Freak.  I don’t think he looks like a freak though, I think he is the cutest little guy ever.  And if you want him, you have to subscribe to the free newsletter over at Oddball Art!

EK Gorman, Oddball Art CCC#42 aI thought today it would be fun to combine this little guy with one of the Big Eyed Girls, IMG 81 Witch Girl Sassy and Sissy Cat.  Despite the fear of doing it, I printed the images out onto some watercolor paper and decided to play with my tombow markers.  Why do I fear this?  Because have you ever seen Lizzy’s watercolor projects.  Watercoloring is an area of weakness for me, but at the same time, I know that I will never get any stronger if I do not play with it.  So today I watercolor markered.  No it isn’t perfect, but it is…and that is enough.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art #42 cI trimmed up the watercolor paper, rounding three of the corners and matted it with some printed paper.  I also added a few chocolate chip Nuvo Vintage drops to finish off the project.

Make certain you sign up for the Oddball Art newsletter…until then, Happy Crafting.

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