Back to School

As some of you may know I make my kiddos, lunch box notes a couple of times a week durning the school year.  However this year, on the eve of a new school year, it seems I have some sad news…my oldest, my only son, who is off to middle school, has informed me that he no longer needs these little notes….  I fear my heart is breaking.

But in all honesty, I get it.  He has a ‘cool’ reputation to maintain, and mom’s silly little colored notes just do not scream mature.

My daughters however have made it clear that they will continue the tradition of my lunchbox notes.  And since tomorrow is the first day of school, I thought a full size card was needed to celebrate the occasion.  Plus, since I can’t help but make these notes in three, I have a little card for my favorite teacher to wish her a great start to the new year.

When I went looking for cool back to school images, I came across a couple of cool  stamps from Oddball Art.

EK Gorman, Back to School cMy first card, the one for that amazing teacher, features the rubber stamp Harriot’s History Teacher.  Wait…a rubber stamp you say… yes there a few amazing Oddball physical stamps, and when they are gone, they might just be gone forever.

EK Gorman, Back to School dI colored all my projects in today, using my copics, and tried to keep them with a Clean and Simple feel.  I decided to play with the idea of a cute red head (sadly the teacher is not), but I think I have found a new favorite red combination (E04, E07, E09, E18).

EK Gorman, Back to School aMy second project is for my youngest child, who is a white blonde and not feeling the back to school vibe as much as my other two.  She is still in the ‘school is boring’ mode of life, but I am sure after 5 minutes back, she’ll be ready to learn.

EK Gorman, Back to School bThis card features digital stamp Becca’s First Day.  This is also one of the limited edition old stock of rubber stamps, but I love it, because I can use it year after year!

EK Gorman, Back to School eMy final card is for my middle child, a kiddo who loves school, but is really sad this year because her best friend is no longer in her class.  I’ve tried to explain that many of her friends are actually hanging with her all day long, and I’m sure she will snap out of her funk soon.

EK Gorman, Back to School fThis card features digital image IMG88 Britany’s First Day.  You can pop over and get this one in digital form, and is the perfect way to celebrate the sad kiddo who is starting school!

Now I’m off to go make lunches (again, ugh) and make sure my angels are asleep.  Here’s to a great school year for all, and for all a good night!

Oh, and if you need a new image from Oddball, please feel free to use my code DTEK10 to get 10% off your purchase!

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