I’m Not Random

Today I thought I would share a little project I created using an older digi, IMG158 Hazel’s Ready for Her Close Up.  With the mustasche fad still in full swing, I thought it would be really fun to re-share this older image.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art aFor this card I printed out the digi and colored it up using my copics.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art bThen I pulled out some printed cardstock and dies and layered the them to create a fun and ‘random’ card!

EK Gorman, Oddball Art cWhat fad are people telling you are over, but you think really are around to stay?  I think the the mustache is absolutely going no where soon!

Need a new digi to play with your favorite fad, feel free to use the code DTEK10 to get 10% off your next Oddball Art purchase!

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