Happiness Depends on Ourselves

Hey Friends…I am back with another page in my art journal.  Today I am playing around with the digital stamp IMG9 Wanda from Oddball Art.

EK Gorman Oddball Art dI love this digital image, because on first glance she looks so sad…but the longer you spend with her, you realize that Wanda isn’t sad but wistful.  Wistful for what?….that at the moment seems uncertain.  But for me that wistfulness is hopeful.  So I wanted to create a journal page that encompassed all those feelings in one swoop without using any of those words.

EK Gorman Oddball Art aI started by coloring the digital image with my copic markers, trying to keep her in a black and white color scheme.  I also fussy cut the image out, so that it would fit seamlessly into my journal.

EK Gorman Oddball Art bThen I pulled out my art journal page.  I added a layer of gesso to the pages and let it dry.  Then using a flat black paint, a silver paint, and a gnarly nasty paint brush, I quickly added some paint to the page, using the black first then the silver.

EK Gorman Oddball Art cUsing a stencil and some silver wax I added the bubbles through out the page.  Additionally, I rubbed navy blue wax over the page that in places had a brassy feel to it.

EK Gorman Oddball Art eThen I dripped some blue and purple watercolor down the page so that there were a little more color on the page.  I added a strip of navy paint for Wanda to stand upon, and adhered the digital image to the page.  Using some black oil pastel I added a bit of shadow to the left of the image to help ground her into the page.

EK Gorman Oddball Art fFinally, I added a sentiment from a Tim Holtz sentiment sticker pack to the page.  I hope I found the correct words to display the feeling that I felt Wanda was feeling.

EK Gorman Oddball Art dI hope you had fun seeing how this page came together today.  Want to create your own art journal page?  Feel free to use the code DTEK10 to get 10% off your purchase over at Oddball Art Store!

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