Every Road


In life I think we always know that a life has a path…a road of such that you travel.  Some roads are long and straight and you can see the path, while others dip and rise, turn and curve never really allowing the traveler to see.  Sometimes the road that one travels is smooth and paved with the utmost of care, while others are broken and difficult to navigate.  And everyone once in a while, on this path of life, you find a fork, a choice in the road, and once you pick it, there is no turning back.

My point…well I find myself on the curve of my path, and while the road seems smooth, the fear I am coming up upon a fork in the road.  What does this mean…I am not really certain, but but I find myself restless and struggling to create at times.  So to recharge my batteries, today I faced that road and colored something just for the love of coloring.

I pulled out this mirror reflection digital stamp from Oddball Art and printed it out.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art aI sort of love this digi, IMG300 Creepy Cute Snow White Tribute Charlotte because you can’t quite tell if she is saddened, or wistful.  And of course there are skulls, and skulls rock.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art bUsing my copics, I just sort of colored the image in, trying to play a little with reflection, but I fear I made the mirror look wonky.

I fussy cut out the image and added it to a piece of printed paper that I distressed with a little bit of metallic wax.  I then shaded a bit where I added the focal image and added some simple sentiments that fit my mood from a Tim Holtz sentiment sticker pack.

I hope that you find your path clear and straight today.  Thanks for sticking with me today as I wax poetically and ponder what may be coming.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, im not sure I have words to describe how it made me feel but it was a good feeling none the less and just sort of touched me in a way. I enjoy how your description of the stamp made me see it in a whole new way……………I also LOVE how your card turned out, it looks fantastic!


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