You Wheely Are So Mice to Me


Hello friends.  I am sneaking in today with a sweet little watercolor card featuring all kinds of mice.  Now in the real world, mice are utterly unacceptable little creatures, but in crafting they are just too cute.  Today I am playing with the super sweet stamp set from Heffy Doodle Hello Squeakheart and available at White Rose Crafts.

EK Gorman, White Rose Crafts aI stamped out all the mice and some of their little accessories with some water proof ink.  Then I drew in the mouse cage so they weren’t running amuck.

EK Gorman, White Rose Crafts bThen using some watercolors I painted in the scene.

More important then my little card, is that White Rose Crafts is having a big sale right now on Shaker cards and bits.  Use the Code SPARKLE from now until April 22 at 11:59 pm EST.  And if you go right now, until tomorrow (4/16/18) there is free shipping.


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