May All Your Christmas Dreams Come True


Hey Divas!  DT member EK here from ekgorman designs.  This week on the CDD blog the design team is sharing one layered card techniques.

I am pretty sure anyone who knows my work know that I create one layered colored scenes all the time.  However…these cards are not really one layered.  What they really are are thick card stock adhered over an A2 frame.  I can not really make a one layered card with the way I color, or I will make a mess of the card with bled through.

No, in the instances in which I really need to make a true one layered card, I do not layer too many markers on the card.  I go for a clean and simple card instead so that the ink doesn’t bleed through too much.

EK Gorman CDD blog aToday I wanted to make a CAS holiday card, without using a holiday stamp set.  I thought it might be fun to use CDD’s Dreamland stamp set in this task.

EK Gorman CDD aTo start the card, I take a sheet of 110lb. neehna classic crest solar white cardstock and trim it at the 4.25″ measurement.  I then fold it at the 5.5″ line.

EK Gorman CDD b

I stamped out two of the images from the Dreamland stamp set using some Memento Ink, which is copic friendly.

EK Gorman CDD c

I then started the task of coloring.  The key here is to not over layer the ink like I normally do.  This is the one time for me that less is more with the ink.  I started with the red tones because I find that the red markers will bleed through paper easier than any other color.

EK Gorman CDD d

I then colored in the girl’s skin tone.  This is where I ended up with the most bleed through in the one layered paper.  You really have to lay down the marker to get the shadows correctly, and I just couldn’t help the bleed through.

EK Gorman CDD e

I laid down the girl’s hair strands next, starting with the lightest, then moving to the darkest and the mid-tone.  Finally I blended it all out with the lightest tone again.

EK Gorman CDD f

The teddy bear and the slippers got colored in next with a simple coloring.

EK Gorman CDD g

I wanted to color the pillow in next and wanted it to be white.  However, I did not want to use grays to create those colors.  Instead I used shades of blues and the lightest cool gray marker.

EK Gorman CDD h

Finally I dropped in some shadows under the bear and girl.  This combination is my favorite for shadows.

EK Gorman CDD i

Next I wanted to add a sentiment.  However, I did not have the sentiment I really wanted to use.  Does that ever happen to you?  Well, with some creative stamping, you can create the sentiment you want.  Using my stamping platform I lined up the sentiment where I wanted it.

EK Gorman CDD j

I then inked only a certain section of the stamp set with some Versa Fine Black Ink.

EK Gorman CDD k

I then lined up the sentiment ‘Christmas’ from CDD’s Sending Sentiments stamp set on my stamping platform.

EK Gorman CDD l

I used some rubarb memento ink and stamped out the sentiment.

EK Gorman CDD m

I lined up the last part of my sentiment on my platform.  I find that it is easier to start at the end of the alignment at this point.

EK Gorman CDD o

I then lined up the word ‘dream’ to finish my sentiment.

EK Gorman CDD p

Adding some ink to just that word, I finished my custom sentiment.

EK Gorman CDD q

In the end, that is all the bleed through I had on the underside of my card.  Funny, the one color I really was concerned about bleeding through, the red tones, was the one color that didn’t really bleed at all.

EK Gorman CDD

I started to take pictures of the final card, but felt something important was missing.  Then I pulled out the Dreamland stamp set, and stamped two of the stars from the set.  I added just a touch of blue ink in B0000, B000, and B00 to color in the stars.

EK Gorman CDD blog cWith these stars added this card finally felt finished.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this CAS card.  If you try out these techniques, please make sure you share your card on the CDD Facebook Gallery so the design team can see your creation!

EK CDD blk watermark 2

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