Help Wanted!


So last Saturday, after the madness of Black Friday, I was hanging out with a friend, but really fiddling around with my phone.  Annoyed she looked at and asked “What in the world are you doing!”

I responded quickly, “shopping small.”

Aghast she took the phone from my hands and poked around on my screen.

“How can you being shopping small on your phone?”

And I explain that most of my favorite stamp stores are actually only found online and run out of homes across not only America, but around the world.

And in this age of technology it is even easier to shop from any corner of the world from great ‘small’ shops, own and run by families.

However, there is one great drawl back.  These small crafting companies are not protected from the evils of the internet.  In fact, these small companies are the most vulnerable to the evils of it.

Many of these small, family owned, stamp companies are being prayed upon by foreign knock off companies.  People all over the world are stealing the intellectual property of these family owned business, producing knock off products that are simply cheap and poorly made, and then selling the goods at unimaginable cheap rates.

And this process of stealing the intellectual property of the little guy is incredibly difficult to fight.  Because the companies making the knock offs are usually in a different country, often ones that don’t recognize piracy, and there is little legal defense these family own businesses can do.

Today, Craftin Desert Divas (who has had their intellectually property stolen like so many small family owned stamp companies) is trying to fight back, starting a campaign on social media.

They are asking that you only buy products from reputable companies.

They are asking you to think before you go after that deal that just seems too good.  Because chances are, if a stamp set is selling for $2.50 on a website you’ve never really heard of, then it probably isn’t real.

EK Gorman CDD 11:29 a

CDD has released a new stamp set today called There for You reminding you that if we all don’t protect our family owned small stamp companies they just might be out of business before we know it.

EK Gorman CDD 11:29 b

Today’s post really isn’t about the art work…it is about thinking before shop.  It is about all of us in the crafting community protecting the companies that we love.

If we don’t, we might just loose them.

EK CDD blk watermark 2

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