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EK Gorman CDD 10:19 a

Hey friends!!  I am up on the Craftin Desert Divas Blog today sharing some crafty tips.

I thought I would change things up a little and not just share my favorite 5 crafty tools, but share my favorite 5 Crafty Fix It Tools for when I need to correct mistakes.  I know we all like to think on blog posts like this that the card designs are perfect…but the truth is they are not.  But with the use of a couple of crafty tools, your designs can sure seem like it was perfect to begin with

I thought I would create a Clean and Simple card to showcase my boo-boos using my favorite CDD friends, the trolls from the Treasure Trolls stamp set.  I gave the card a quick color with my copics and stamped out a basic sentiment!


On first glance, the card looks pretty good and ready for final assembly, but if you look closer you will see the big MISTAKES that make a simple card like this look sloppy.


My first boo-boo is copic ink bleeding out of the lines.  This happens all the time, and the copic colorless blender is pretty good a helping clean this up, but it doesn’t always do the job.


But by using my (1) first favorite crafty fix it tool, my White Gelly Roll Pen, I can quickly erase those bleed outs and coloring errors.

I also was able to add the light back into the eyes of the trolls with just a touch of my pen.


My next mistake (which I hate to say I do more than I am proud of) is extra ink blobs, either transferred by a dirty acrylic block or stamping platform, or more often my dirty finger.


My (2) second favorite crafty fix it tool, the Mono Sand Eraser, believe it or not, can actually erase these ink blobs.  It works on both dye and pigment ink, waterproof or water soluble ink, or even distress inks and oxides.  I will warn you, the eraser can’t erase all mistakes (as you will see later), but it will take care of the little ones like it did here.


My next mistake is one that I hate to admit happens more often than I care to admit, and I think a lot of us can say we do this.  The mistake I speak of is crocked sentiments.  How often do you finish coloring a beautiful card, and then bam, crocked sentiment.  You don’t have to ditch the whole card, however.  No, there is a couple of tricks to fix this mistake, and in fact, make it look like the correction was how it was meant to be.


I often stamp out the sentiment again onto another piece of cardstock, and then die cut it out.  This time I used one of the soft corner small rectangular dies from CDD’s Tag Essentials.  I don’t however like how the die cut panel looks lying directly over the mistake.  For me, to make the correction look intentional, I add my (3) third favorite crafty fix it tool, 3D adhesive squares.


By adding the dimensional tape under the die cut panel, the card looks like it was always intended to have this 3D effect.  The popped up die cut frankly makes the card look fancy since the CAS card is no longer a one layered card.


You’ll notice in the beginning there wasn’t the GIANT ink smudge by the sentiment.  This smudge I added intentionally for the purpose of this post.  (Please note, the small ink smudge was a real boo-boo.)


This giant ink smudge was too big for the Mono Sand Eraser to completely remove, even though I did use the eraser to diminish the size and the darkness of the mistake.


Then I pulled out my (4) forth favorite crafty fix it tool, embellishments.  In this case I used a fairly large sequin from CDD’s sequin mix Beyond the Horizons to cover the blob.  Then I added a few more sequins using Glossy Accents so the illusion of the design having been my original intent (and thus seamless perfection).  And I will tell you, 9/10 when I add sequins to a design, it has been added to cover up a mistake in the overall design.


My final correction isn’t really a mistake.  I just don’t like what I have done.  Both the noses and the gems on the trolls have been poorly colored and thus don’t look great.  When I’ve done something and I don’t like how it has turned out, I often pull out my (5) fifth favorite crafty fix it toll, liquid embellishment.


I find that when I add a bit of liquid embellishment such as Gloss Accents, or Nuvo Drops, the bad coloring no longer bothers me.  In this case I used Nuvo Crystal Drops in Morning Dew for the noses, and Nuvo Jewel Drops in Strawberry Coulis for the gem stone bellies.


I find that extra bit of shine really adds to the overall design and keeps me from judging a poorly colored area.  And when I am lucky enough as I was here, the liquid embellishment look intentional.

EK Gorman CDD 10:19 bI hope you got a kick out of seeing a less than perfect design, and more importantly learned a few tricks to hiding mistakes you might make.  In my mind, the trick to great crafting isn’t learning how to be perfect, but learning trick to fool people into think you are!

EK Gorman CDD 10:19 c

EK CDD blk watermark 2

CDD Supplies:

Treasure Trolls
Treasure Trolls

White Gelly Roll Pen white_pen__69236-1440289527-190-285

Mono Sand EraserMono Sand Eraser

Tag Essentials Tag_Essentials_Dies__09086.1439585905.500.750

3D adhesive squaresCapture__30116.1439666868.1280.1280

Beyond the Horizons Sequin Mixbeyond the horizons

Ranger Glossy AccentsMini_glossy_accent__69382.1490307707.1280.1280

Nuvo Crystal Drops – Morning Dewmorning dew

Nuvo Jewel Drops – Strawberry Coulisstrawberry coulis


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