18198215_1921903491358480_7533769227961882989_nCan you believe that is August already.  I feel like I was just saying this about July, and all of a sudden, BAM!!!, August.  However, with a new month comes a new Moodboard over at Craftin’ Desert Divas.  If you didn’t know every month, CDD has a new Moodboard on their social media Gallery where you can link up your design in that month’s folder for a chance to win projects.

This month, the Moodboard is all kinds of happy.  I just love the fun in this month’s board.  I was sort of pondering what to do with this challenge when the yummy watermelons on the cake popped out to me.

One of the really cool things about CDD’s stamps is there is always really fun accessory stamps along side the big focal image stamps (making the stamp sets so much more versatile).  In the recently released stamp set Market Stand, there are all these fun fruits and veggies, including a whole watermelon, and a slice of it.

So, I pulled out the stamp set and randomly stamped out the two watermelon images in Memento pistachio ink and the ‘Hello’ sentiment from the stamp pack.  I centered the sentiment and stamped out the watermelons randomly all over the card stock.

IMG_6943The card however, needed a really cool boarder, so I pulled the die image that was released the same month as  Market Stand, the really fun Garden Border Die.  I die cut the boarder die on all four sides of a sheet of 4.25 x 5.5 sheet of yellow card stock on each side.

IMG_6944I adhered the boarders onto the white card stock and pulled out some coloring implements.  I feel like sometimes as crafters we put ourselves in a “CRAFT” box, and are afraid of moving out of the norm.  We decide we have to use markers, or colored pencils, or basic watercolors.  We completely ignore the whole spectrum of cool art supplies out there for fears that are usually unjustified.  We avoid paint, pastels, and sprays.  We feel because we use stamps or dies we are not artists.  Well…


You just create a specific type of art known as ‘handmade cards’.  Just because you stamp, doesn’t mean you aren’t creating art.  You are!!!  Absolutely!!!  So take a chance and play with different types of mediums, especially if you all ready own them.  I am a mixed media artist as well as a crafter (which means I am a crafting artist), so I decided this week to take a risk and play with some pastel pencils.

I pulled out a green pastel and gently traced the lines of the stamps.  Then using a blending stump, I spread the color.  Using a white pastel pencil, I added highlights to the melon.  I proceeded with the same procedure with the slice of melon.

I added some red to the slices and spread the color with the other end of a blending stump.  The melon slices also go a highlight of white.  The seeds also got a quick dip of black pastel pencil.

The edges between the border and the images needed just a touch of color, so I pulled out a pale pink pastel pencil and softly added it around the edges.  Using a filed down (on sandpaper) blending stump, I softened the edges.  Finally, I gave the whole card a quick spray of Workable Fixative (which keeps the pastel from spreading or lifting).

EK Gorman CDD 8:3 1

I hope you enjoyed this look at a slightly different medium.  More importantly, I hope you realize that you are an artist!!!  Sometimes it is hard to reconize that, but you need too… you create art.  Period!

I hope you join Craftin’ Desert Divas this month with their monthly Moodboard challenge.  Don’t forget to add #CDDMONTHLY to all your social media feed so that the CDD team can find and love on your work!

EK CDD blk watermark 2

CDD Products:

Market Stand
Market Stand

Garden Border Die
Garden Border Dies

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