Mixed Media Monday #4

It is Monday, and I am on time…YEAH!!!  I have some more art journal pages for anyone who wants to see the mess I make inside them.

That is what I love about art journals…it is the perfect place for a mess.  It was meant to be a mess, and have mistakes, and be the place you can try things.  I often take things I learn inside an art journal, and take them to a canvas.  I like to know what I am taking to a canvas in theory is going to work.  Canvases are something that cost money and can easily be ruined, so I experiment inside my cheap art journals.

Without further ado…the mess.

We have another week of Rae Missigman’s #artmarks30daychallenge.

Day 10- Criss Cross                Day 11- Lines                  Day 12- Puddled

Day 13- Patterned                                  Day 14- Dashed

Day 15- Loose   (this week’s award for the biggest mess)        Day 16- Assorted

I am continuing with my weekly 10 Minute Art Journal.  This week I played around with black gesso and layers of ephemera.

Before                                                                                 After 10 minutes

I  really don’t think this style of art is me.  I just don’t seem to have the talent.

This week over at Colour Me Positive the promote had a really great quote about the inner light of people and seeing only that.  I painted out some black gesso in my book and quickly sketched out a person shape and let light emulate from him.


ek-gorman-52cc-4Over at my group of ATCs the weekly theme this week was D for Dragon Fly.  This one was both really fun and somewhat difficult for me.  Dragon flies have always been the symbol of a buddy of mine that died from complications due to leukemia when we were only 18.  Ever since his death, when ever any of us think of him, there aways seems to be a dragon fly near by.  Additionally, to this day when ever I visit his grave when I am back at my childhood home, there are always multiple dragon flies hovering.  So needless to say, this card was one part painful, and one part peaceful.

Over at Journal 52 this week, the prompt of the week was LISTEN.  I think everyone runs around so crazily all day we all forget to listen to the world around us.  For me, my maker constantly speaks if I am only willing to listen.  I tried to make clouds, but needless to say the art got away from me…however the message I think got through.


That’s it.  If you are enjoying this weekly post, stay tuned, I’ll be back next Monday.

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