Fun New Announcement

The original test subjects finished pieces.

So for the past couple of months a dear friend of mine had been bugging me teach her and other friends of ours to do what I do.

I thought she was kidding.  She wasn’t.

She figured if I could go into the school and teach five year olds to do some mix media work, that I could teach some women drinking wine.

I thought she was kidding.  She wasn’t.

So she decided to put a feeler out to our friends and see who might be interested in such an night.  And low and behold there was interest.  And then some more.  And fascinatingly there was more.

IMG_2754So I looked into this whole teaching people to paint thing.  And what interested me the most, was most classes where an artist came in and taught people to paint (usually in acrylic paints), the participants all left with matchy, matchy paintings.  Everyone was taught to follow the instructions and no one was making their own artistic choices.

So I decided if I was going to walk a group of adults through the process of what I do, then I was going to do it so that each person participating got to make choices that expressed what they wanted to say.

Thus the start of what I affectionately called PJs and Paint.  An afternoon or evening with good friends learning something new, and still expressing who you are.  All the supplies were supplied by me and some hands were held while I encouraged individuals to let go of all they thought they new about art, and tried something that was a little out of the box.

Now I’m ready to take the show on the road.  I’ve designed several projects in Mix Media, IMG_2750acrylic, and watercolor (to name a few mediums) where each painter gets to make choices where they can express who they really are.  I’ve also now designed projects that can be done as partners, be it spouses, best friends, or parent/child, where each person designs their own pieces that create one big piece of art work when pushed together.

If you are in the San Diego Area and interested in more information, please feel free to contact me at .  We have designs for all budgets.

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