This week’s Card Challenges.

So once Upon a time, I had no idea what I was doing (truthfully, I still don’t), and I miss published a page.  Below is the poorly miss published page that should have been something totally different and I am still trying to figure out exactly how to correct that.

From this time forward, however, I would like this page to be a place where you can find my weekly card challenges.  I am getting closer to doing that (I think), so please bare with me while I go through growing pains.






So here is another installment of challenges from this past week.  I have two different card crafting challenges this week that I want to share.  One you’ve seen before, the other is one I’m new to.

IMG_2293First up, Friday Mash Up!, which this week I found to be a little tricky.  This week, for challenge FM233, they wanted to mash up color blocking and the a decades theme (60s/70s/80s/etc).  The first was no big deal, for color blocking is easy which was not that big of deal.  I grabbed some painters tape and my Distressed paints and went to town.

The second part of the mash up but then the decades them threw me off.  The problem was I didn’t really have anything that screamed a certain decade.  But I did have a bunch of IMG_2294typewriter stamps, so I grabbed them and went with it.

I ended up waxing poetically about my longing for the days before Wi-fi (and no, I’m not that old, but I miss phone calls and hand written notes).

The next challenge is a new one for me, but it seemed appropriate this time of year to join in on the fun.  ‘Tis the Season is a year round Christmas card making challenge groIMG_2290up.  They give off different ideas and guidelines, and off the crafter goes.  This challenge had a theme of colors, including, vanilla, coral, blue and razzleberry.  The catch is that the card always has to be a Christmas or holiday themed card.  Not a bad place to stop if you hand make your holiday cards.

I used distress ink to create the back ground and end result felt a little like Christmas in Hawaii, but I guess there is IMG_2292nothing wrong with that.  Then again I’m a Southern Californian so I’m guessing the Northeast would think this tropical feel about where I live too.

Hope these challenges inspired someone to get crafting.

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