PJs and Paint Party

IMG_2752Are you In the San Diego Area and interested in Learning some Mix Media Art?

Want to have a night in with some Friends while learning something new?

IMG_2748Interested in hosting a party where you get to chill with your friends and maybe get a little messy too?

Ekgorman Designs is now launching a mobil design studio where our resident artist (aka me) comes to you with all the supplies you need to create your own master pieces while chilling with your friends.


And the highlight of the process is each design has been created so that each participant at the party creates a unique and individualized piece of art.

And it is not just Mix Media we specialize in.  What to IMG_2757Learn the secrets of watercolor?  Interested in playing with Acrylic paints?  Want to learn what paper piecing actually is?

Or are you interested in working in couples, be it husband and wife, best friends in life, or just parent child, there project designs for just these moments in life.

Or are you part of an organization that wants to learn more about art?

For more information please contact ekgormandesigns@gmail.com for more information and pricing.