Killing time durning deadlines…

Sneak peak at project in the works.
Sneak peak at
  project in the works.

So I have said it before that when I am waiting for paint to dry, I like to sneak in some crafting challenges.  Well right now is one of those times I’m under a deadline to get a couple of projects done, and paint is drying everywhere.  The kids are in bed, the husband is on the road, and I am trying to keep the momentum going.

So the card making challenges tonight helped keep me motivated to work.  And secondly, I knew I needed this first card for a dear friend of mine who’s had one of those weeks and needed a pick me up.


The first challenge I completed was for The Paper Players, who had a color challenge this week, asking for a card using any combination of black, white, silver, gold and a color of the crafter’s choice.  I missed the word OR, and went with all of them, but am happy with the card anyway.  And yes, this friend knows too much, thus making her always my friend.

The other challenge I dove into, which is a new one for me, was Stampin’ Celebration!, who also had a color theme this week.  They asked for a card that utilized both grey and yellow, two colors I normally do not work with in my handmade cards.  It was a fun little challenge and allowed me to relax with my alcohol markers while I waited for


molding paste to set and dry.  I miss having a kitten in my life and the card made me nostalgic for the days I had a cat. (Don’t tell my dog this though…).  No plans for the card yet, but who doesn’t need a thank you card laying around.

Now off to bed cause the projects are not done and the deadline is looming, and I am at a standstill till tomorrow.


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